Quality Policy

PT. Aristek Highpolymer is responsible for implementing a qua­lity assurance systems to manage its assets, including personnel and equipment, to ensure that product specific requirements are met and that products are of a marketable quality, satisfying agreed customer needs and their expectations.

The (quality) management systems have been developed to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 by making sure of the following steps :

  1. The quality management systems meet the needs of the company, through a review of suitability at management reviews.
  2. Quality objectives are established, monitored and reviewed.
  3. The commitment to quality is complemented with a commitment to a continual improvement in quality of the company's resources, training and development of competent personnel, review of processes and procedures, product group work­shops and internal audits.
  4. The importance of customer focus, meeting customer requirements, as well as meeting statutory and regulatory requirements are communicated within the company.
  5. All employees are aware of and understand the Company's commitment to quality.
  6. All operations/processes are conducted under effective, controlled and safe conditions.
  7. The quality policy is reviewed on cosistent basis at management reviews.
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