PT. Aristek Highpolymer is committed in providing reliable products and innovations through continued research and development for new and existing products.

Our technological innovations offers solutions to a wide range of industries including Coating, Graphic art ink, Construction, Textile, Adhesive & PSA, etc. We tailor our products to meet customer's specific requirements.

The competency and experience of our team ensure the flexibility to manu­facture according to customer's most stringent standards. This also enables us to outsource towards best-in-business benchmarks.

Coating Solutions

Broad range of all acrylic, styrene acrylic, vinyl acrylic, alkyds and acrylic solutions including but not limited to exterior/interior wall paints, primers, plasters and textured paints. Products also extend to the broad range of interior and exterior wood coatings, metal coatings, road markings, as well as other specialty coatings. Wet adhesion promoted, self crosslinking and stain blocking systems are among the capabilities of the offered product range.
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Graphic Art and Ink

Our product range cover various type of applications including but not limited to flexo inks, over-printing varnishes, etc.
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Construction Chemicals

Styrene acrylic, all acrylic and vinyl acrylic polymer emulsions for a wide variety of applications including cementitious waterproofing, mortar, bonding agents and elastometric waterproofing membranes with various product properties.
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Textile Chemicals

Comprehensive solutions that covers Starch Based sizing, All Acrylic sizing, pretreatment, printing, finishing and auxiliaries, that addresses sustainability, enivironment concerns, as well as efficiency challenges. Leather coating applications are also available.
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High performance and durable adhesive products with versatile formulation capabilities for a broad industrial applications such as wood working, cardboard and packaging. Our range also extends to Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives, wet and dry-bond laminations, Cold Seal, Hot Seal, etc.
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