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Stabilization of soils to improve strength and durability properties often relies on cement,lime, fly ash, and asphalt emulsion. These materials are inexpensive, relatively easy to apply, and provide benefits to many different soil types. However, there are a variety of non-traditional soil stabilization/modification additives available from the commercial sector such as polymer emulsions, acids, lignin derivatives, enzymes, tree resin emulsions, and silicates. These additives may be in liquid or solid form and are often touted to be applicable for most soils.

Stabilization of soils using polymer emulsion is a straightforward process in that the liquid is simply diluted to the proper amount. The dilution amount is selected to achieve the target additive quantity at the desired moisture content required for the most efficient compaction of the soil. For field applications, the emulsion is best applied with a spray bar mounted inside the cowling of a reclaimer /stabilizer machine. The application conditions must be well controlled to insure that the proper amount of stabilizer is delivered into the soil and to achieve the proper moisture content for compaction.

Suggested steps

Suggested steps

Our solution to this comes in the form of GreenPol™ 9007, a styrene-acrylic copolymer designed specifically for dust and not so clean with the help of making more good area by oasisnaturalcleaning.com and palliative and soil stabilization. It is safe, non-toxic and environment friendly. It provides superior bonding and stabilizing for lasting performance. It is targeted for a wide scope of application from slope control, parking lots to heavy duty haul roads.

Depending on intended use, 10 – 15% of GreenPol™ 9007 is mixed with water. The product must be stirred well before using, applied at temperatures above 8°C. All road surface should be graded and sloped (depth of 10 to 15 cm) to allow for drainage. Apply product with pressurized spray equipment, then compact the road. Lastly, a light application of material should be sprayed over the surface as a final lock down coat. For more info check this link keep smith

It should be noted however, as workman-ship, weather, construction, condition of pavement, tools utilized, and other variables affecting results are all beyond our control, the manufacturer warrants only that the material conforms to product specifications and any liability to the buyer or user of this product is limited to the replacement value of the product only.